"We believe in quality, in values that remain unchanged over time. We believe in the power of ideas, ideas that simplify everyday life."
Foppapedretti came about from the passion for wood of its founder, Ezio Foppa Pedretti.
It all began in 1945, in the home in Telgate (in Bergamo) where young Ezio devoted his spare time to making wooden toys out of the leftovers from his uncle Pierino's umbrella handle factory.
Then, in 1946, he got his brother Tito and sister Letizia involved and, with the help of their mother, Matilde, an elementary school teacher, founded the Foppa Pedretti Toy Factory. Foppapedretti started out manufacturing toys for children: meticulous attention to detail and a great deal of creativity went into making the horse-drawn carts, the doll's kitchens that are perfect replicas of the real thing, the lunch baskets kids could take to school with them. The toy market changed when plastics began to become more popular and so the founder, Ezio, diversified his product line: in the 1950s he began making the first products for babies, products that launched the company and became its visiting card for decades to come.
There's the first high chair, then the cribs, followed by desks. Production was then expanded to changing tables and other items of furniture for the baby room. In 1974 Foppapedretti began to make garden furniture and in the 1980s the items they made for the home would forever change the market with highly functional pieces that would simplify everyday chores.
Among the first of these was the Asso ironing board, the home step ladder and the Gulliver laundry rack, still a best seller today. Boring daily instruments became revolutionary work stations. This is what the company means by its "Tree of Ideas" slogan, a slogan that doubles as store name: innovative, winning ideas where wood is the preferred material, items that are so incredibly functional and safe that they even anticipate the needs of the marketplace.
Wood remains the most important material used by Foppapedretti, but seeing as the company is always on the lookout for new ideas to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing market, in 2004 they embarked upon an adventure in the world of pushchairs. Foppapedretti wanted to apply its company philosophy to this industry as well, and the results are clear to see: products must be highly functional, practical and safe, but also innovative to always stay at least one step ahead.
And so, after about four years of experimentation, the only stroller with electrical motor on the market today was introduced in 2011 (production began in March 2012): MyoTronic, a product the President and CEO, Luciano Bonetti, invested a great deal of personal energy in.
In 2011, MyoTronic won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award.
Quality materials, practicality, functionality and handiness, together with exquisite design and meticulous attention to safety are what make Foppapedretti one of the Italian industrial scene's most solid company, as well as an important player on the world's Made in Italy stage.
Foppapedretti has some 210 employees, gives work to 300 people in related industries and has 30 sales agents covering the Italian and foreign marketplaces.
There are currently 2,200 retailers handling Foppapedretti home and early childhood products, while there are 11 Albero delle idee (Tree of Ideas) flagship stores in Italy. Six of them are owned by the company and five are franchise stores (2014 data).
Aside from the Kasalinghi Italia brand, a Foppapedretti-owned company, there are 13 points of sale in the main Italian outlets.
The head offices of the company moved from Telgate to nearby Grumello del Monte (Bergamo), overlooking the Milan-Florence motorway, in January of 1988. The complex includes offices, design studios and warehouses for a total of 42,000 sqm. In order to increase production and process the materials, Foppapedretti Technology was founded a few kilometres for the main offices (it too along the motorway) in 1999. This company takes the solid wood, processes it and turns it into the finished product.
It is equipped with environmentally-friendly cutting-edge technology and built to create the best possible working conditions.
280 employees
300 related jobs
60 thousand sqm of office, plant and store space
110 thousand sqm in all
Foppapedretti Spa, parent company
Foppapedretti Technology, wood processing
Plastikopolis, plastics processing
The L'albero delle idee, retail stores
Foppapedretti Direct, web and e-commerce
Kasalinghi Italia, an affiliate with outlet stores
(data updated to 31 December, 2013)
Starting in the 1980s, Foppapedretti has always invested a great deal in its brand through global advertising and communications, a strategy which has also earned it the trust of the consumer.
Young & Rubicam, in a survey commissioned by the Corriere della Sera, placed Foppapedretti in an area of excellence among Italian brands, third (after Ferrari and Parmigiano Reggiano) in terms of brand recognition (source: Corriere della Sera, 12 March, 2001).
"Successful brands are those with strong convictions and original ideas.
They're the ones that have the energy to change the world and change the way people think." (Young&Rubicam)
One of the winning strategies Foppapedretti adopted to improve its winning image was to support sports: a perfect pairing for a company that has always believed in the importance of competition and team work.
Foppapedretti's name is closely linked to Italy's all-time most popular female volleyball team, and more! A legend in the field of female volleyball thanks to the company: it was the main sponsor of Volley Bergamo in 1992-1993, and bought the team in 2003.
For more than twenty years, Foppapedretti Volley Bergamo has been winning all over Italy and Europe: 8 Italian championships, 3 European Champions Cups, 4 European Champions League, 5 Italian Cups, 6 Italian Supercups, 1 CEV cup. Betting on Made in Italy in sports as well, Foppapedretti has been the springboard for various promising female volleyball players who have contributed to the success of the National Team.
The icon of Italian female volleyball, Francesca Piccinini, played for Foppapedretti Bergamo for 13 years!