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of the FSC® ITALIA Furniture Award
foppapedretti winners fsc italia furniture award
We are proud to have won the prestigious FSC Italia Furniture Award for the Communication category, thanks to our advertising campaign featuring the environmental sustainability of our products made of FSC-certified wood.

This prestigious recognition rewards notable Italian companies that use FSC-certified wood in line with environmental sustainability.

The ecological commitment and environmental protection have been among the fundamental principles of the Foppapedretti brand for several years.

In order to emphasize our ecological commitment, in 2019 we decided to carry out a huge PR campaign on this subject, using different means of communication.
foppapedretti fsc italia award furniture
Our ecological commitment rewarded by FSC®
foppapedretti FSC-certified wood
01. Wood from properly managed and FSC-certified forests.
02. Products that last over time, therefore allowing the forest to generate new trees.
03. Water-based paint and non-toxic materials.
04. Recovery of processing waste, which is recycled to heat the company.
05. Made in Italy, a guarantee of high quality.
06. Photovoltaic system for self-generating electricity.
For the press campaign, we have created a page entitled “Our eco-logic” where we explain our commitment to the environment in 6 bullet points, together with other pages featuring specific and eco-sustainable products made with FSC-certified wood and water-based paints.
foppapedretti FSC-certified wood
Television and radio
We have created an evocative TV commercial set in a wood, where a grandfather talks to his grandson about the future and about protecting the forests.

For the radio, a 30-second advert was created with a mother-son conversation about ecology and our commitment to making furniture that lasts as long as it takes a plant to grow back.
The Foppapedretti
The objective of this advertising campaign is to communicate our ecological and environmental commitment in a strong and direct way. This principle has been part of the Foppapedretti DNA for several years now, but it has become more relevant to the public during this historic time where people are talking a lot about environmental protection and about the future of our planet.

We also believe that this huge ecology-based advertising campaign can strengthen our brand and increase its prestige.

Since the beginning of 2019, this ecological campaign has featured in the most widespread national newspapers and in large-circulation magazines. The TV commercial is being broadcast on the main Italian networks and also on the Internet, with corporate social media and websites.
foppadretti advertising campaign FSC-certified wood